Nisheeth has nearly 9 years of diversified experience in ICT and sustainability domain. He works on the crossroad of sustainability and tech enablement wherein he develops streamlined innovative solutions for complex procedures and life cycles. He has worked across multiple sectors such as supply chain, IT infrastructure, energy, retail etc. and has in and out understanding of operations. He is specialized in creating digital tools for sustainability thereby developing robust information architecture and following user experience portfolio design approach. Nisheeth has been working with the sustainability center of excellence with KPMG International and is based in Netherlands. In past he has worked with sustainability and CSR advisory team of KPMG India, UAE and has worked in various consulting capacities across UK, Turkey, India and the United Arab Emirates.

Entrepreneurial in spirit he has also worked with startups, SMEs and have been tasked with responsibilities to independently run units and teams. He has a strong understanding of topics such as ESG, sustainability reporting & assurance, sustainable finance, business and human rights, ethical trade, responsible sourcing, product traceability,corporate social responsibility, social and natural capital and dynamic risk assessment. He holds a Master in Carbon Management and a Masters in Computer Applications. Some of his recent innovations include:

  • (POC) Blockchain based product traceability and supply chain transparency tool
  • One of the largest CSR rating and bench-marking schemes
  • One of the largest index for corporate responsibility
  • Tool for social project monitoring & evaluation
  • ESG data analytics tool

His area of interest is convergence of technology and sustainability. He frequently writes and lectures on IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed ledger and other innovative technologies and how they can be integrated with sustainability and corporate responsibility. He is keen on technologies such as Drones,Raspberry Pi, Sensor Machine Interaction, Predictive Analytics, Watson etc and sustainability topics such as Education, Poverty alleviation etc. He likes to spend his time reading classical literature and admiring art. Some of his contributed publications can be read at:

Increasing stakeholder scrutiny of climate change and sustainability related risks:Derisking the future of India Inc CII (2015)

Sustainable Develeopment Goals (SDGs):Leveraging CSR to Achieve SDGs,UNGC  (2017)

He can be reached @ nish at insightbynish dot com