December 24, 2017

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I have been integrating design thinking approach in projects event before it was a buzz word as eventually user centric processes and designs are critical in meaningful development. I feel that cultural diversity has a huge role to play in bringing all people to form a universal society focusing development and global peace.I write at  about cultural heritage at



Biography: Nisheeth studied Carbon Management at the University of Edinburgh, (UK) and Computers Applications at the Punjab Technical University (India) at masters level.  He is a Certified Usability Analyst (CUA) and has been trained on ISO 14001 (ICRA Lead Auditor), GRI G4/Standards and PMP.  He is keen on technology and how technology can be used to solve social problems. He is an ardent believer that technology can act as a catalyst in achieving the SDGs and solve global challenges of hunger, poverty,education and equality.

After finishing his masters he worked briefly with a London based business brokerage and geo-political consulting firm specializing in promoting ventures in Sub-Saharan Africa and advised them on low carbon sustainable development projects. In 2012 he developed a cloud based GHG Monitoring,Reporting,Verification solution and moved to Turkey to work on sustainable development projects focusing stakeholder engagements and social development. He currently works with one of the big four professional services global firms in sustainability and responsible business advisory.He has worked on multiple engagements including sustainability reporting, social impact assessments, assurance and audits, sustainable supply chains in more than 20 different large MNC’s covering a variety of sectors.He has also been involved in developing corporate responsibility based rating schemes and indexes with governments and private sector. He has been an instrumental in developing a cloud based social projects administration, monitoring and evaluation tool and a cloud based tool for business responsibility reporting.Throughout his professional career he has worked in a varied geography including countries like India,United Kingdom(UK), Ghana, United Arab Emirates(UAE), Yemen,Russia, Turkey and Ukraine.

His area of interest is convergence of technology and sustainability. He frequently writes and lectures on IoT, Artificial Intelligence, Distributed ledger and other innovative technologies and how they can be integrated with sustainability and corporate responsibility. He is keen on technologies such as Drones,Raspberry Pi, Sensor Machine Interaction, Predictive Analytics, Watson etc and sustainability topics such as Clean Energy, Education, Poverty, Agro-Forestry etc. He likes to spend his time reading classical literature and admiring art. Some of his contributed publications can be read at:

Increasing stakeholder scrutiny of climate change and sustainability related risks:Derisking the future of India Inc CII (2015)

Sustainable Develeopment Goals (SDGs):Leveraging CSR to Achieve SDGs,UNGC  (2017)

He can be reached @ nish at insightbynish dot com